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Zambia to West: Don’t watch when we jail LGBT people

Zambian officials took offense this week at the presence of diplomatic observers in a courtroom where two allegedly gay young men are on trial on charges of violating Zambia’s anti-homosexuality law. “US, German support for sodomy-accused disappoints State” stated the headline in the Zambian Daily Mail. “Zambia govt upset with USA, Germany envoys for supporting … Continue reading


Zambia’s growing intolerance towards LGBTI persons

From Zambian human rights activist Juliet Mphande: During recent weeks, we have received numerous reports of increased violations against sexually diverse and gender-variant persons, particularly gay men, in Zambia. Beating by anti-gay mob, including police On January 3, 2014, a self-identifying gay man was beaten up by a mob of people in Lusaka’s Garden compound. … Continue reading

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Zambie à l’Ouest: Ne regardez pas lorsqu’on emprisonne les LGBTI

Publié le 3 juillet 2014 (also published in English) Par Colin Stewart, traduction par Mike Nicholson. Cette semaine les autorités zambiennes s’offensaient de la présence d’observateurs diplomatiques dans une salle d’audience où deux jeunes hommes prétendument homosexuels, inculpés d’avoir violé la loi anti-homosexualité de la Zambie, étaient passés en jugement. «Le soutien américain et allemand … Continue reading