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U.N. panel to Tunisia: Stop forced anal exams

Human Rights Watch reports: Tunisia: UN Panel Condemns Forced Anal Exams Government Should Ban Abusive “Homosexuality” Tests (Tunis, May 23, 2016) – The United Nations Committee Against Torture, in its most recent evaluation of Tunisia, condemned the use of forced anal examinations as an attempt to find “proof” against people accused of homosexual conduct, Human … Continue reading

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Forced anti-gay anal tests face legal challenge in Kenya

Human Rights Watch issued this press release today: Kenya: Court to Hear Forced Anal Testing Case Invalidated Homosexuality “Test” Violates International Law (Nairobi, May 3, 2016) – A Kenyan court will hear a constitutional petition challenging the use of forced anal examinations of men accused of homosexuality on May 4, 2016, Human Rights Watch said … Continue reading

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Archbishop to Mugabe: Anti-gay laws are wrong

Will the worldwide Anglican Communion stop supporting the homophobic Anglican Churches of Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, since those churches endorse their countries’ anti-gay laws? That’s what would happen if the world’s various Anglican churches — all of them originally descended from the Church of England — take Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, their spiritual leader, … Continue reading

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Dissent weakens anti-gay coalition in Anglican Communion

Cracks are showing in the formerly united front of anti-gay Anglicans who oppose steps toward acceptance of LGBTI people within the Anglican Communion of churches descended from the Church of England. Kenyan members of a high-level Anglican Communion council have reportedly rejected an appeal to boycott a council meeting in Zambia on the grounds that … Continue reading