Middle East / North Africa

Egypt: new arrests; sentence reduced; German MP speaks out

Trans woman arrested. BuzzFeed reported that Cairo police arrested a 25-year old trans woman and her roommate on Sunday, December 28th.  As usual, local media is sensationalizing coverage with this case.  Police told local media that Malooka Aldlouah’s videos, posted on YouTube, were “hardcore” and advertised “sadistic sex.” However, her many videos posted to Facebook … Continue reading

Americas / Faith and religion

LGBT rights video: U.S. fundamentalist vs. African mom

‘Faceoff’ The newly launched video “Faceoff over homosexuality” presents performances depicting the contrasting attitudes of a white American fundamentalist preacher and an African mother whose son is gay. The video, produced by the activist media organization Global Dialogues with support from Netherlands-based advocacy group Hivos, is aimed are promoting dialogue about issues of LGBT rights. It … Continue reading