Middle East / North Africa

Lebanon appeal: LGBT sexuality isn’t ‘against nature’

An appeal for an end to persecution and marginalization of LGBT people in Lebanon comes with a useful twist: It argues that because “homosexuality is a natural variation of human sexuality,” it therefore should be exempt from Lebanon’s law against sexual intercourse “against nature.”  The wording “against nature” is a common euphemism that many nations … Continue reading

Africa / Asia / Europe

LGBTI briefs: Stigma and HIV in Africa, India, Russia

News briefs about LGBTI-related health issues in countries with anti-gay laws, excerpted with slight modifications from UNAIDS’s Equal Eyes recap of the world’s LGBTI news. Involving LGBTI people in the fight against Aids In South Africa, the Global Forum on MSM & HIV brought together health workers, government officials, and advocates to discuss HIV needs … Continue reading


Asia-Pacific: Inadequate funds for HIV help for gays

The Jakarta Post in Indonesia, reported yesterday on the recent report by the World Health Organisation that urges nations to put key populations at the heart of their HIV/AIDS response.  In the article, an activist comments there is inadequate financial resources allocated by most countries in the Asia-Pacific region. While this article does refer to MSM, it … Continue reading

Faith and religion

Worldwide damage: What Exodus knew and kept lying about

For nearly 40 years, the world’s leading “ex-gay” group, Exodus International claimed it could cure people of homosexuality. This week, the group admitted defeat, apologized for the harm it caused by spurring homophobia globally (including through its Jamaican affiliates, WIRED and the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society (JCHS)) and closed down. This is hardly … Continue reading


Ethiopia balks at Western pressure for LGBT rights

Add Ethiopia to the list of places that are crying foul at Western governments’ decision to consider a developing country’s anti-homosexuality laws before renewing foreign aid. Current law in Ethiopia provides for prison terms of 10 days to three years for homosexual activity. In 2008, religious leaders advocated adding a ban on gay activities to the … Continue reading