Trump ‘gag rule’ hurts AIDS battle in Kenya, Uganda
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Trump ‘gag rule’ hurts AIDS battle in Kenya, Uganda

The fight against AIDS in Uganda and Kenya is suffering from U.S. President Donald Trump’s “Global Gag Rule,” which cuts off U.S. aid from any organization that even mentions abortions as an option for unwanted pregnancies, Human Rights Watch says. Organizations serving sex workers — an occupation that some LGBT people adopt after being excluded … Continue reading

Fighting anti-LGBT bias with foreign money? Ghana protests
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Fighting anti-LGBT bias with foreign money? Ghana protests

U.S. foreign aid and loans from the International Monetary Fund are being used as leverage to encourage fair, unbiased treatment of LGBTI people in homophobic countries. But not without pushback. Consider the case of Ghana, which is troubled about a $918-million IMF loan that comes with a requirement of preventing discrimination against LGBT patients and … Continue reading

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Uganda: U.S. picks AIDS contractor, ousts anti-gay group

The United States has replaced the anti-gay Inter-Religious Council of Uganda as a contractor for HIV / AIDS services in Uganda. Effective Aug. 1, the work will be done by the international health, infrastructure and environmental services firm Cardno Emerging Markets, the Ugandan New Vision newspaper reported. Both the United States and Sweden recently announced … Continue reading

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How the World Bank can help end global LGBT poverty

The World Bank has an important role to play in ending discrimination against LGBT people worldwide and enabling them to become full participants in the world’s economic life,  according to the Rev. Canon Albert Ogle, president of the St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation. These are excerpts from remarks he made during a panel discussion … Continue reading

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U.S. lets LGBTs abroad die of neglect as it OKs rights at home

It was only a year ago that the vintage convertible carrying Global Grand Marshal Bishop Christopher Senyonjo rolled down Market Street in San Francisco to the cheers of a million well-wishers at San Francisco Pride. Our theme “Global Equality” won the competition to name Pride’s theme last year. At 80, though rejected by his Anglican … Continue reading


Anti-AIDS programs ignore LGBTs in Africa

While the LGBT community globally struggles to find funds for basic human services and HIV prevention, we are discovering disturbing trends in the allocation of  United States funds to Christian fundamentalist organizations that are often in the front lines of encouraging the further criminalization of homosexuality. My recent visit to Uganda uncovered a disturbing trend … Continue reading