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Study urges multi-nationals to boost LGBT rights

Multi-national corporations could and should, but often don’t, help improve the lives of LGBT people in countries with anti-LGBT laws, according to a study by the Center for Talent Innovation. In a press release, the organization stated: Study Maps Challenges and Opportunities for Pro-LGBT Companies Operating in Anti-LGBT Markets Study shows multi-national corporations how to … Continue reading

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End anti-LGBTI religious bias, London Pride marchers say

The London Pride 2016 march was led by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Muslim; Matthew Barzun, U.S. ambassador to the U.K.; and other dignitaries and celebrities. A group of African gay people living in the United Kingdom marched in London Pride yesterday to call on people of religion to unite against persecution of gay people … Continue reading

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LGBT Christians in Africa: A prime focus for new videos

For years, Anglo-Nigerian pastor Jide Macaulay has challenged the widespread idea that Bible-believing Christians should oppose homosexuality. Now he wants to spread that message electronically, worldwide, especially in Africa. Macaulay, founder of the gay-friendly House of Rainbow churches in Nigeria, Ghana, the United Kingdom and elsewhere, is seeking to raise £3,000 (about US $4,300) for … Continue reading

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Jamaica: ‘Human rights … should never be put to a vote’

The Rev. Sean Major-Campbell, rector of Christ Church in Vineyard Town, Jamaica, has spoken out against a proposal by newly elected Prime Minister Andrew Holness to hold a referendum on the nation’s anti-gay buggery law, which is a remnant of British rule. Excerpts from Major-Campbell’s commentary in the Jamaica Gleaner: “It does sound good to … Continue reading