How to help Syrian LGBTI refugees preserve a safe space in Turkey
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How to help Syrian LGBTI refugees preserve a safe space in Turkey

Syrian LGBTI refugees in Istanbul, Turkey, have organized weekly meetings, called  Tea&Talk, that provide a safe space for LGBTI Arabic-speaking refugees. The Tea&Talk gatherings serve as a resource where LGBTI Arabic-speaking refugees and asylum seekers can learn about housing, employment, sexual health, their legal rights, and the processes for refugee registration and/or application for resettlement … Continue reading

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LGBTI rights activism: Mostly hidden in Middle East, N. Africa

Public recognition of the human rights of LGBTI people remains rare in the many Middle Eastern and North African countries that still have laws against same-sex intimacy. In most of those countries, even advocacy of those rights is unusual. Such advocacy is mostly underground, online or abroad for Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Syria … Continue reading

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Activists urge U.S. to accept 500 LGBT Syrian refugees

The U.S.-based LGBTI asylum and refugee organization ORAM is pleading for the United States to reserve spaces for 500 LGBT refugees from Syria, since their lives are at high risk if they are forced to remain in their embattled country, beset by the murderously homophobic Islamic State.  The United States plans to accept 10,000 refugees … Continue reading

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U.N. session on LGBTI killings by ISIS — ‘historic’ or mistake?

The U.N. Security Council today held “a historic meeting” — “the first Security Council meeting on LGBT rights,” in the words of Samantha Power, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. The goal: to publicize and develop strategies against anti-LGBTI violence perpetrated in Syria and Iraq by the troops of the Islamist State, also known as ISIS, … Continue reading

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Bad news: Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, more

News briefs about countries with anti-gay laws or considering anti-gay legislation, excerpted with slight modifications from UNAIDS’s Equal Eyes recap of the world’s LGBTI-related news. ASIA With a nearly unanimous vote on the second reading, the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan continues to advance its “Gay Propaganda” bill, which would impose penalties of up to a year in prison for those … Continue reading

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‘Islamic State’ has reported 15 LGBTI executions

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) has published reports of 15 people said to have been executed in the past 12 months by “Islamic State” militias for alleged homosexuality-related crimes. The IGLHRC file “Timeline of Publicized Executions for ‘Indecent Behavior’ by IS Militias,” lists reported executions of 18 people accused of indecent … Continue reading

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LGBTI news briefs: Pakistan, India, Malawi, many more

News briefs about countries with anti-gay laws, excerpted from the Equal Eyes recap of the world’s LGBTI-related news: ASIA In Pakistan, friends are mourning the assassination of Sabeen Mahmud, a prominent human rights activist. … Mahmud was the director of ‘The Second Floor’ (T2F) – a space that hosted many conversations and events for marginalized … Continue reading