21 varieties of traditional African homosexuality

At least 21 cultural varieties of same-sex relationships have long been part of traditional African life, as demonstrated in a new report  that is designed to dispel the confusion and lies surrounding Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The following discussion and the 21 examples are from that report, “Expanded Criminalisation of Homosexuality in Uganda: A Flawed Narrative / … Continue reading

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Will Episcopalians let anti-gay Anglicans block LGBT aid?

Will wealthy Episcopal parishes in the United States provide financial support to LGBT rights groups in countries where Anglican churches stigmatize LGBT people or will they continue to defer to their homophobic fellow Anglicans worldwide?  The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle addresses that question in this excerpt from his column, originally published in the San Diego … Continue reading


Fatal flaw in official anti-AIDS declaration

COMMENTARY A new declaration seeking “global support to end the AIDS epidemic” has one fatal shortcoming. It outlines nine strategies for fighting HIV / AIDS, but fails to mention the tragic consequences of 76-plus nations’ laws against homosexuality, which effectively exclude LGBT people from receiving AIDS-related services. The “Washington D.C. Declaration” will be the official … Continue reading