Profile of a busy queer Ugandan sex worker activist

Ugandan anthropologist and social science researcher Stella Nyanzi writes here about Frank Kamya (Kanobana Mwanje Franco), a queer sex worker activist who has been a driving force behind two activist organizations fighting HIV in Kampala’s poorest neighborhoods, the Youth on Rock Foundation and the Come Out Post-Test Club. She wrote this commentary in advance of … Continue reading


In Ugandan court, ‘tomorrow is the big day’

Judges in the Ugandan Constitutional Court have scheduled a key ruling for tomorrow in the challenge to the legitimacy of the country’s harsh new Anti-Homosexuality Act. Yesterday the signs had seemed to point to a ruling today, as noted in yesterday’s  blog post, “Ugandan court might overturn anti-gay law tomorrow.” But instead today’s court session … Continue reading

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Uganda, don’t pray to ‘heal’ gays (or blacks or women)

In this brief commentary, Stella Nyanzi — an anthropologist, social science researcher and resident of Uganda, where Pentecostal churches are popular — speaks out against some anti-LGBT religious leaders’ practice of attempting to “pray away the gay.” After her commentary appeared on Facebook, it attracted a flood of readers’ comments, some of which are published … Continue reading

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Mothers in LGBTI communities — an uncomfortable role?

In this commentary, Ugandan anthropologist, social science researcher and mother Stella Nyanzi explores what “motherhood” means in LGBTI communities.  Her remarks and follow-up comments on Facebook sprang from discussions at a regional LGBT meeting in South Africa. I was surprised to learn that ‘Motherhood’ makes many queer people outside Uganda uncomfortable. I was surprised because … Continue reading


Researcher: In raid, Uganda police were clueless

Ugandan police who raided the U.S.-funded Makerere / Walter Reed health project on April 3 didn’t know enough to understand how researchers recruit and work with people involved in their research, says a research fellow at Makerere University. The police believed they were seeing men being “recruited into homosexuality” when they were actually seeing homosexual … Continue reading

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Uganda kids ask: Why do Christians cheer over jail for gays?

How can a parent explain anti-gay hatred to a child? Stella Nyanzi — a Ugandan anthropologist, social science researcher and mother — writes here about her children’s puzzlement over why so many people were celebrating the passage of the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act in a parade and public gathering on March 31. (Nyanzi photographed the anti-gay … Continue reading