Caribbean nations inch their way toward LGBTI rights

Several Caribbean countries with laws against same-sex intimacy are at least discussing the possibility of repealing them. In Belize and Jamaica, those laws are being challenged in court. In Guyana, the prime minister talks about repealing them. In Dominica, the prime minister says they’re not enforced. But sexual minorities suffer from intense social stigma in … Continue reading

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Toolkit for progress toward LGBT rights in 53 countries

The Commonwealth of 53 nations, formerly the British Commonwealth, can play a positive role in improving the lives of LGBT citizens even though dozens of those countries still have anti-LGBT laws inherited from their former colonial overlords. So say the LGBT rights advocates at London-based Kaleidoscope Trust, which this week published a “toolkit” of recommendations … Continue reading

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Progress + disputes: Guyana, Jamaica, St. Lucia

A recap of recent news about LGBTI rights in three of the Caribbean nations with laws against homosexual activity (Guyana, St. Lucia and Jamaica), with help from coverage in the Caribbean IRN Blog of the International Resource Network: Guyana Stabroek News of Guyana editorialized favorably on Ireland’s vote in favor of Marriage Equality: “Marriage … … Continue reading

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Working toward a Caribbean that’s no longer anti-gay

The Caribbean is the only region in the Western Hemisphere that still criminalizes same-gender intimacy.  Recently, fundamentalist religious groups across the region have mounted large demonstrations condemning homosexuality, and appear to have successfully lobbied local governments to keep these British colonially imposed anti-gay laws. Not coincidentally, attacks often occur against LGBTI people, most recently a … Continue reading


Caribbean youths seek repeal of 6 nations’ anti-gay laws

Youthful leaders from Caribbean countries with anti-gay laws met last weekend in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, where they signed a declaration seeking greater social acceptance of LGBT people and the repeal of unfair laws against them. Youthful members of the LGBT communities heard first-hand descriptions of the discrimination that LGBT people face on a daily basis in  … Continue reading

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Impoverished, Jamaica still rejects gay tourism dollars

Jamaica was recently selected to chair the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Ironically, our homophobic laws and practices cuts the country off from a very lucrative segment of global tourism, namely gay travelers. Together, the estimated spending power of this group is about US$140 billion annually. Just a portion of that sum could effectively eliminate … Continue reading