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Anglicans discipline Episcopalians over same-sex marriage

Leaders of the Anglican Communion have voted to discipline The Episcopal Church of the United States for accepting marriage equality. The decision comes under pressure from anti-gay Anglican leaders of the churches in Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya. However, the anti-Episcopal decision apparently was not strong enough, or taken early enough, for Archbishop Stanley Ntagali from … Continue reading

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‘Barbaric’ Anglican schism would not threaten LGBTI progress

Observers and members of the worldwide Anglican Communion, comprising churches that trace their roots back to the Church of England, are watching to see whether the Communion, representing a total of 85 million Christians, will break apart this week over the issue of inclusion or exclusion of LGBTI people. At this week’s meeting of Anglican … Continue reading

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Don’t fall for photo of man (repeatedly) burned alive

Until credible evidence emerges, it’s probably wise to set aside a widely shared story on Facebook that a man was burned to death in South Sudan because he was gay. The article appeared on Hot in Juba, a website that describes itself as an “all round celebrity gossips and entertainment news website,” based in Juba, … Continue reading

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LGBTI briefs: Stigma and HIV in Africa, India, Russia

News briefs about LGBTI-related health issues in countries with anti-gay laws, excerpted with slight modifications from UNAIDS’s Equal Eyes recap of the world’s LGBTI news. Involving LGBTI people in the fight against Aids In South Africa, the Global Forum on MSM & HIV brought together health workers, government officials, and advocates to discuss HIV needs … Continue reading

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Us vs. them (Egypt): Deport me!

Second of two articles about the challenge of breaking through emotional barriers that people erect between themselves and victims of persecution who act or look unlike them. This article, by activist/commentator Scott Long, focuses on the difficulty keeping relatively affluent Westerners’ interest in non-white victims of repression, particularly in news coverage of Egypt. The previous … Continue reading

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32 anti-gay African leaders, 32 smiling Obama photos

The issue of African countries imprisoning LGBTI people for their sexual orientation wasn’t on the agenda at this week’s United States/Africa summit in Washington, D.C. Instead, President Obama spoke about security, trade and economic development. Then, on Aug. 5, he and First Lady Michelle Obama posed for friendly photos with 32 leaders of countries with … Continue reading


Report on anti-LGBT laws cites ‘reason to hope’

The battle between advocates and opponents of anti-LGBT laws has produced a world of contrasts — “some victories to celebrate against a background of hateful laws still in force and hate crimes around the world,” says the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, or ILGA, in its 2012 report “State-Sponsored Homophobia.” The number … Continue reading