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Correcting the old wrong ideas about Sodom, Gomorrah

The activist religious organization Soulforce has published a free booklet seeking to de-fang the Biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah, which for centuries has been routinely misinterpreted as a condemnation of homosexuality. Titled “Breaking Open: Sodom and Gomorrah,” the publication “goes deep into one of the ‘clobber passages’ in the Bible, which are so named … Continue reading

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Sodom, Gomorrah and 2 faiths’ fear of same-sex love

Pernicious traditional interpretations of the Biblical and Quranic story of Sodom and Gomorrah underlie much of the world’s homophobia. Brian Whitaker, former Middle East editor of the Guardian, gives a brief explanation in the valuable Guardian article “Everything you need to know about being gay in Muslim countries”: ‘It’s about attempted male rape and the … Continue reading