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Conservative Indonesians vs. LGBTI rights

LGBTI Indonesians often are at odds with conservative Muslims in their quest for recognition of their human rights. Those confrontations pose particular difficulties, because Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population — more than 200 million, an estimated 95 percent of the total population. But many disputes beyond just faith-based ones are highlighted … Continue reading

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Report: Somalia too risky for LGBT people

LGBT asylum-seekers from Somalia have a strong case against being returned to their home country, says solicitor Benjamin Christman, a legal advocate for immigrants in Northern Ireland. In a report published Feb. 2, Christman “sets out the evidence of the treatment of gay persons in Somalia. [His report] sustains the claim that gay persons should … Continue reading

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10 years later, tally of 92 anti-LGBT nations drops to 76

The arc of history is trending toward justice for LGBTI people worldwide, judging by the latest tallies from ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. In an encouraging change from 2006, when the ILGA report listed 92 countries with laws prohibiting sexual acts between consenting same-sex adults, ILGA in its 10th annual … Continue reading

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Saudi police arrest 35 at alleged ‘gay party’

The Saudi Arabian news website The Peninsula Times reports Police arrested 35 people early Friday morning [April 4] during a party allegedly for homosexuals. Among those arrested … at a beach resort, were a group “of men wearing women’s clothes,” according to Al-Weeam website. The arrests were made in a joint operation between the police … Continue reading

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Iranian thugs, not gays, sentenced to hang for rape?

Activists promoting the rights of gays and lesbians suspect that a recent news story about four Iranians sentenced to death misrepresented the crime they were convicted of committing. An Iranian activist said the actual crime was rape, not consensual sodomy. His account: The four individuals … come from the same tribe. They’re among the thugs … Continue reading