Eager anticipation of Indian court action on anti-gay law

LGBTI activists are eagerly anticipating tomorrow’s Indian Supreme Court hearing on Section 377, the country’s colonial-era law criminalizing homosexuality. These are excerpts from advance coverage: The 377 Battle: The Court Awakens By Siddharth Narrain (Gaylaxy) The court hearing comes just a over a month after … MPs in the Winter Session of Parliament voted down … Continue reading

Africa / Asia

LGBTI news from Middle East, Africa, Singapore

LGBTI news in brief from  Iran, Iraq,  Kenya, Nigeria, Singapore and Uganda — all of them countries that have anti-LGBTI policies or have considered adopting them. These items are excerpted with slight modifications from UNAIDS Equal Eyes recaps of the world’s LGBTI-related news: The UK’s Human Dignity Trust and the Commonwealth Lawyers’ Association warned that the … Continue reading


Singapore LGBT letter: Even hurting, let’s win with love

Legal challenges to Singapore’s law against gay sex have raised hopes for change, but also have led to a conservative backlash. In response, a coalition of LGBTQ groups today issued a statement of encouragement and consolation to “Singapore’s LGBT Community and Friends.” It states: While many of us are understandably hurt, even angered, by some … Continue reading