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Outside protests flop; Nigerians embrace anti-gay law

[Update: “March 7 protests to focus on Nigeria’s anti-gay law.”] International protests against Nigeria’s new anti-gay law have met with the type of rejections that by now are standard — that they are irrelevant because they come from outside Africa and/or from homosexuals. “Gays all over the world are mobilising for actions against Nigeria over … Continue reading

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New Year’s optimism for threatened LGBT Nigerians

Nigerian LGBT rights activist Davis Mac-Iyalla contributed this New Year’s message at a time when the Nigerian Senate has voted for a harsh anti-gay bill and urged President Goodluck Jonathan to sign it into law: I am feeling very positive that Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan might not signed the draconian Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill … Continue reading


Pro-gay hacking of official Nigerian website not helpful

An Irish computer hacker’s attack on a Nigerian government website in pursuit of LGBT rights didn’t help the cause. Instead, it bolstered Nigerian officials’ belief that the concept of LGBT rights is an  intrusion from abroad, rather than something inseparable from the basic human rights that every Nigerian should be guaranteed. After the Nigerian Ministry … Continue reading


Un échec: Les actions étrangères contre la loi anti-gay du Nigéria

Publié le 17 janvier 2014 Manifestations étrangères râtent; le Nigéria embrasse la loi anti-gaie Les protestations internationales contre la nouvelle loi anti-gaie du Nigéria ont rencontré le type de rejets qui sont maintenant la norme — que ces protestations ne sont pas pertinent, car ils viennent de l’extérieur de l’Afrique et/ou des homosexuels. «Les gais … Continue reading