Be brave, Anglicans; oppose Jamaica’s anti-gay law
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Be brave, Anglicans; oppose Jamaica’s anti-gay law

It’s high time for Anglican bishops, priests and lay people in Jamaica to pluck up enough courage and compassion to support the decriminalisation of gay Jamaicans, says the Rev. Colin Coward, founder of the Anglican LGBTI advocacy group Changing Attitude. After attending Montego Bay Pride in Jamaica last month, Coward reflected on the shared history … Continue reading

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Truth, homosexuality, Christianity: a talk with Stephen Lovatt

Merely putting the words homosexuality and Christianity together creates controversy. Many people claim that homosexuality equals filth, sin, immorality, and that one can never be a Christian homosexual. Clearly, certain texts in the Christian scriptures have over the years been used to condemn homosexuality and, with a large percentage of the world’s population being Christian, … Continue reading

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Archbishop: Give homophobes ‘time to deal with’ LGBTI issues

The Washington Blade reported today: An African archbishop on Thursday specifically discussed homosexuality during a Vatican press conference. Vatican Radio reported that Archbishop Charles Palmer-Buckle of Archdiocese of Accra [in Ghana] said countries need “time to deal with” homosexuality and other “issues from our own cultural perspectives.” He also highlighted the need for “the dignity … Continue reading

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LGBTI Catholics in West Africa seek compassion, change

Many LGBTI Catholics in West Africa remain faithful to the church, despite exclusion, homophobia and discrimination, Anglo-Nigerian gay activist Davis Mac-Iyalla reported after a fact-finding trip there. But the church has driven out some of its LGBTI flock, and all of them ask the church to treat them in a more Christian manner. Currently touring … Continue reading

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Catholic setback? LGBT hope remains for long-term change

In the short term, the final report of this month’s gathering of Roman Catholic bishops discussing homosexuality and family issues eliminated the welcoming words that the preliminary report had included about LGBTI people. The news of that reversal was reported here: No More “Welcoming To Homosexual Persons” In Vatican Statement (BuzzFeed) Catholic synod: Pope Francis … Continue reading

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Roman Catholic leaders in India support LGBT rights

The compassion and acceptance that Pope Francis has expressed for LGBT people has spread to India, as evidenced in Roman Catholic responses to a recent Supreme Court decision that reinstated a 1860s Indian law against homosexuality. Most religious groups in India have taken a traditionally homophobic position in favor of that ruling. But Roman Catholics … Continue reading

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Prière pour les prisonniers LGBT

Publié le 14 février 2014 Le révérend père Albert Ogle, fondateur et président de la Fondation Saint-Paul pour la réconciliation internationale, a écrit cette prière la semaine dernière après avoir visité les personnes LGBT emprisonnés au Cameroun pour leur  orientation sexuelle / identité de genre. Sa suggestion: Le pape François devrait la prier. (Cette prière est … Continue reading