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Will Brunei’s horrid law unite LGBT and women’s activists?

The celebrity-boosted boycott of the Sultan of Brunei and his Beverly Hills Hotel could open the way for an important partnership of activists supporting women’s rights and those pushing for LGBT rights. So far, though, little progress has been made in that direction, although a mix of both types of advocates joined former talk show … Continue reading

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Ugandan priest: 10 reasons to repeal anti-gay law

The Rev. Anthony Musaala, a Ugandan priest who offers pastoral ministry to displaced sexual minorities in various countries, submitted the following call for repeal of Uganda’s harsh new anti-gay law. Musaala is currently appealing last year’s decision by the Roman Catholic archbishop of Kampala to suspend him after receiving a plea for reform in a … Continue reading

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9 moves to roll back Uganda’s anti-gay law

Supporters of LGBT rights are starting to respond to Uganda’s harsh new Anti-Homosexuality Law, which calls for up to seven years in prison for anyone convicted of “promoting homosexuality” and a life sentence for anyone who “touches another person with the intention of committing the act of homosexuality.” (For more info, see “Draconian details of … Continue reading