LGBT in Cameroon: imprisoned for 16 months, no trial

A faith-based American-African delegation to Cameroon, who are lobbying for health care and human rights for LGBT people there, today visited LGBT prisoners at Yaounde Central Prison. Journalist Andy Kopsa reported on the visit for her Cameroon blog.  Among about 20 LGBT prisoners, the group met with four LGBT inmates who have been incarcerated without a … Continue reading


Destination: Cameroon. Goal: LGBT health, justice

Please contribute to this project. A joint delegation of African and American activists is gearing up to plead for tolerance, justice and improved health care for lesbians, transgender people and other sexual minorities  during and after this week’s  women’s health conference in Cameroon. Based on their experiences in Africa and internationally, the activists from Cameroon, … Continue reading

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You can boost health of African lesbians, trans women

Please contribute to this project. One of sub-Saharan Africa’s most homophobic countries will be the setting for renewed focus on the health and human-rights challenges facing African lesbians and trans women, if a partnership of African and American LGBT rights activists has its way. The activists from Cameroon, Uganda and the United States plan to … Continue reading