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Tabloid joins politician, bishops in targeting LGBTI Kenyans

In the wake of last month’s High Court decision in favor of a Kenyan organization seeking human rights for LGBTI people, some anti-gay Kenyans have opened the door to even more intense persecution of LGBTI Kenyans. The latest step in that direction was today’s publication by Kenya’s tabloid Weekly Citizen of a list of the … Continue reading


Uganda: Canny political ploy sets stage for gay deaths

The Rev. Canon Kapya Kaoma, an Episcopal priest from Zambia and a project director at Political Research Associates in Massachusetts, discusses the politics of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Law and the need to protect LGBT people from its consequences. By THE REV. CANON KAPYA KAOMA “Scandal,” “Exposed” and “200 Top Homos” are some of the headlines in … Continue reading


Under threat, Ugandan rights group plans to move to safety

Under the threat of attacks by anti-gay youths and neighboring businesspeople, the LGBT rights group Spectrum Uganda Initiatives has decided to relocate for safety. The organization, which fights HIV and promotes gay rights in Kampala, Uganda, has “suspended serious activities and campaigns until we get new offices,” said Kimbugwe Moses, the group’s programs and advocacy … Continue reading


Gay recruiters in Uganda? A missed chance for truth

A Danish official on a visit to Uganda missed a chance last week to counteract the widespread but mistaken belief by Ugandan politicians, journalists and religious leaders that LGBT rights groups recruit people to become homosexuals. Christian Friis Bach, Danish minister of development cooperation, was asked about that issue in an interview with Uganda’s Daily … Continue reading


Here we go again: Uganda tabloid lists alleged gays

The Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper has returned to a vicious, irresponsible journalistic practice that preceded the murder of gay activist David Kato — publication of names of people who are allegedly homosexual. This past weekend, the tabloid Red Pepper published names of people who it alleges “recruit” others into homosexuality.  The front page of the … Continue reading