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Putin pushes ‘Straight Pride’ as a geopolitical power play

Activist Kyle James Rohrich analyzes the geopolitical tactics behind Russian President Vladimir Putin’s so-called “straight pride” initiative. Excerpts from his article “The Geopolitics of Intolerance: Putin’s ‘Straight Pride’ “: By Kyle James Rohrich In response to the United States’ recent Supreme Court ruling to make marriage equality law of the land, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s … Continue reading

Africa / Middle East / North Africa

Us vs. them (Egypt): Deport me!

Second of two articles about the challenge of breaking through emotional barriers that people erect between themselves and victims of persecution who act or look unlike them. This article, by activist/commentator Scott Long, focuses on the difficulty keeping relatively affluent Westerners’ interest in non-white victims of repression, particularly in news coverage of Egypt. The previous … Continue reading


Putin signs Russian ‘anti-gay propaganda’ bill into law

The Voice of Russia, the Russian government’s international radio broadcasting service, reports: Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a controversial bill punishing people for homosexual “propaganda”, according to an official publication on Sunday. The law introduces fines of up to 200,000 rubles ($6,700) for “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” to minors through the … Continue reading