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Honors for African LGBTI heroes at London Pride

Press release, modestly edited: London Pride 2015 The African LGBTI organisation Out and Proud Diamond Group celebrated African LGBTI Heroes during London Pride 2015. The group honored people who have stood up against anti-gay environments and regimes in Africa. Some of these heroes lost their lives during the struggle to liberate us and others against … Continue reading


Zambian opponent of anti-gay laws wins at High Court

AIDS fighter Paul Kasonkomona can finally rest easy, more than two years after the government of Zambia arrested him for publicly suggesting repeal of the nation’s anti-gay law. He was acquitted last year of the charge that his televised comment should be punished as  “soliciting for immoral purposes.”  The government appealed the acquittal, but today … Continue reading


Zambia seeks to overturn acquittal of anti-AIDS activist

The government of Zambia isn’t willing to let an AIDS activist get away with publicly suggesting repeal of the nation’s anti-gay law, even after he was acquitted of a charge that his televised comment should be punished as  “soliciting for immoral purposes.” AIDS fighter Paul Kasonkomona was arrested in April 2013 immediately after appearing on … Continue reading

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12 grim lands, 7 bright spots in LGBTI preview of 2015

As debate over LGBTI rights continues worldwide in 2015, progress has been made in at least seven of the 76-plus countries with laws against homosexuality.  In another 12 countries, the situation is grim and could get worse. Below are previews for 27 of the many countries where LGBTI people struggle for respect and equal rights. … Continue reading


Despite acquittal, trial revealed deep Zambian injustices

The arrest, trial, year-long detention and recent acquittal of Philip Mubiana and James Mwape on homosexuality charges demonstrate much that’s wrong with Zambia’s legal, political and social life, along with a few strengths, lawyer Anneke Meekotter writes in the Southern Africa Litigation Centre blog. In the article, she discusses: Political statements “bordering on hate speech.” … Continue reading


Zambia: Acquittal for opponent of anti-gay laws

AIDS activist Paul Kasonkomona was acquitted today on charges that he was “soliciting for immoral purposes” when he appealed on television for the repeal of the Zambian law against homosexual activity, which he said encourages the spread of AIDS. Magistrate Lameck Ng’ambi ruled that the prosecution failed to prove its case against him. Because of … Continue reading