3 musicians challenge anti-LGBT hate in Africa

Three courageous African musicians recently spoke to NoStrings about their personal struggles and their use of music to combat homophobia in Africa, despite strong oppositions and death threats. The three musicians who spoke to NoStrings are Mista Majah P, an African-American reggae artist from Jamaica; Grammo Suspect, a lesbian rapper from Kenya; and Chisom Iheangwaram, … Continue reading

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Truth, homosexuality, Christianity: a talk with Stephen Lovatt

Merely putting the words homosexuality and Christianity together creates controversy. Many people claim that homosexuality equals filth, sin, immorality, and that one can never be a Christian homosexual. Clearly, certain texts in the Christian scriptures have over the years been used to condemn homosexuality and, with a large percentage of the world’s population being Christian, … Continue reading

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2 failures: Priest, witch doctor try to ‘cure’ gay man

By Mike Daemon In Nigeria, many parents and families are still ignorant about the subject of homosexuality and still hold strongly to the belief that homosexuality is unnatural, an illness, a choice or a sin and thus something that should — and can — be cured. Our conversation with a gay 21-year-old Nigerian graduate, who … Continue reading