Bad news in Russia, Afghanistan; good news elsewhere
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Bad news in Russia, Afghanistan; good news elsewhere

A mix of good news and bad news from around the world, assembled with help from UNAIDS’s Equal Eyes recap of the world’s LGBTI news. BAD NEWS The website of Russia‘s LGBT youth group Deti-404 (Children-404) has been blacklisted by the government’s media oversight group Roskomnadzor. This is not the first time Deti-404 has been found … Continue reading

Nations with anti-LGBT laws: 49% Christian, 43% Muslim
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Nations with anti-LGBT laws: 49% Christian, 43% Muslim

Many of the world’s 76 countries with anti-homosexuality laws have Muslim majorities, but most are majority-Christian. Of the total, 43 percent (33 countries, in this blog’s tally) have a Muslim majority. Majority-Christian countries account for 49 percent of the total (37 countries). Muslim majority 1 Algeria 2 Egypt 3 Eritrea 4 Ethiopia 5 Gambia 6 … Continue reading

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FAKE? Intersex victim buried in Kenya; compassion from afar

THIS ARTICLE WAS BASED ON DOCUMENTS THAT, ON INVESTIGATION, MAY HAVE BEEN FAKED. It has been labeled “FAKE?” rather than simply removed from the blog. As a result, any readers who follow links to it will see the “FAKE?” label rather than merely receiving an “Oops! That page can’t be found” error message. — Colin … Continue reading

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Don’t fall for photo of man (repeatedly) burned alive

Until credible evidence emerges, it’s probably wise to set aside a widely shared story on Facebook that a man was burned to death in South Sudan because he was gay. The article appeared on Hot in Juba, a website that describes itself as an “all round celebrity gossips and entertainment news website,” based in Juba, … Continue reading

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Indonesian region OKs whipping for gay sex, adultery

The Indonesian province of Aceh on Sept. 27 approved a bill that converts  strict Islamic Sharia rules on morality into the province’s criminal law, including a punishment of 100 lashes for homosexuality and extramarital sex, Australia’s SBS News and BuzzFeed reported. The law, which also applies to non-Muslims, also punishes the drinking of alcohol, gambling, and … Continue reading

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Remember the Muslims who aren’t anti-LGBTQ

Cairo-based ophthalmologist and blogger Eman Hashim says that Muslims are more accepting of gays and lesbians than most media portrayals indicate. Muslim scholars are speaking out against homophobia, she says. In the article “Not There Yet: Inclusion, Acceptance and Support for LGBTQ Muslims,” she writes: As we can see in media stories of Muslim scholars … Continue reading