$2m targets HIV in Mozambique’s LGBT communities

$2m targets HIV in Mozambique’s LGBT communities

  A coalition of anti-AIDS organizations is offering $2 million to combat HIV in the LGBT communities of Mozambique, where stigma against sexual minorities often excludes them from health care. Mozambique repealed its anti-LGBT law last year, but still suffers from intense homophobia. Stigma complicates efforts to combat AIDS. The country’s HIV rate of 11.5 … Continue reading

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Progress and persecution from Jamaica to Myanmar

Many signs of progress, but also many instances of ongoing persecution of LGBTI people, are contained in the following round-up of the world’s recent LGBTI-related news, most of which was excerpted with slight modifications from the UNAIDS publication Equal Eyes: Human rights Activists in Odessa, Ukraine, convinced authorities to reconsider a last-minute ban that would … Continue reading

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Let’s celebrate: List of anti-LGBT nations shrinks again

76 countries with anti-homosexuality laws (or 72 or 78) This week’s decision by the Belize Supreme Court to overturn that nation’s anti-sodomy law has shrunk the list of nations with anti-LGBT laws once again. By this blog’s tally, the total is now 76 countries with criminal laws against sexual activity. Or the total is 72 … Continue reading

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Is the world now a better place for LGBTI people?

Q. A journalist asked, “In the years that Erasing 76 Crimes has covered criminalization of queerness around the world, has the situation improved, stayed stagnant or gotten worse?” Here’s a quick, non-definitive answer: A. During my time publishing Erasing 76 Crimes, from 2012 to the present, the situation has been fluid — possibly improving, with … Continue reading

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92 nations formerly had anti-LGBT laws; now it’s 75 (or 79)

The number of countries with laws against same-sex sexual activity has dropped from 92 a decade ago to 75 today, according to tallies kept by ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. ILGA’s 2016 edition of its State-Sponsored Homophobia report, by Aengus Carroll, is being published today. The latest countries to repeal … Continue reading