No jail for inciting, then publicizing botched Egyptian raid

BuzzFeed reports: A Cairo appeals court overturned a judgement [last week] against Egyptian broadcaster in a defamation case brought for her role in publicizing the arrest of 26 men on charges of homosexuality from a bath house in December 2014, local media reported. The broadcaster, named Mona Iraqi, featured the bathhouse in a television program … Continue reading

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Egypt’s LGBTI crackdown continues; what can be done?

As Egyptian police continue their crackdown on LGBTI people, here’s a quick update on recent events, followed by suggestions for action. Arrests of alleged transsexuals in a tourist area of Cairo (Feb. 26) “Egyptian police arrested seven people on [Feb. 26] for ‘debauchery,’ the charge routinely used against men accused of homosexuality, according to a … Continue reading

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Update: Mona Iraqi fired by shnit film festivals

shnit PLAYGROUND Cairo 2015, organizers of International short film festivals, announced today on their website: “As of its annual Council meeting on December 22th in Bern, the Board of Trustees of the shnit FOUNDATION, in accordance with Festival Director, has decided to exclute Mona Iraqi from the shnit International Shortfilmfestival immediately. shnit International Shortfilmfestival completely … Continue reading

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Egypt: A call to protest anti-gay reporting, homophobia

An online protest will start tomorrow against unjust treatment of LGBTI people in Egypt and anti-gay journalists’ role in fostering government repression there. The protest is timed to coincide with the start of Egyptian legal proceedings against men arrested in connection with sensational coverage about a Cairo bathhouse by Mona Iraqi, a television reporter who … Continue reading

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النشطاء يدينون غارة منى عراقي Activists condemn Egypt raid

A statement written by activists from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in the original Arabic language, followed by the English translation.   The statement is endorsed by 11 groups and coalitions in the MENA region. Published originally today by Scott Long at his blog: A Paper Bird.   Activists condemn TV presenter Mona … Continue reading

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al-Sisi’s Egypt: 26 arrests last night, totals now a record 109

This article was updated January 4, 2015. The total charged in this matter was 26 people. With the latest raids, Egypt now holds the dubious record for the country with the largest number of reported arrests for homosexuality in such a short time, in a single country in recent times. Several sources reported today that the Bab … Continue reading