Cameroon: 7 detainees win their release

Seven LGBT people who were arrested Oct. 1 on homosexuality-related charges have been released in Cameroon. All had faced charges of homosexuality and prostitution, including four who were released today and three released previously. The anti-AIDS, pro-human rights group Camfaids announced the release. Camfaids said that the LGBT detainees expressed their thanks to their attorneys, … Continue reading


Quick response to new anti-gay persecution in Cameroon

By Erin Royal Brokovitch The LGBTI community in Yaoundé responded quickly last week to the news that it has again become the target of persecution by law enforcement. Starting immediately, Cameroonian activists began working to keep seven detainees out of Yaoundé’s central prison, a location that can be especially hazardous for LGBTI inmates. The case … Continue reading


Activists demand new probe of Eric Lembembe murder

A year after the murder of journalist/activist Eric Lembembe in Cameroon, human rights activists in Cameroon and abroad are calling for a renewed investigation into his death. Cameroonian authorities’ mishandling of the investigation has been so incompetent and disrespectful that it might lead to new homophobic attacks on innocent LGBT people by those who conclude … Continue reading


A visit to prisoners held on ‘suspicion of homosexuality’

In The Nation,  journalist Andy Kopsa reports on her trip last month to Cameroon with an American and African delegation from the St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation. Some excerpts: 20+ imprisoned for being gay The daily tally of prisoners in Yaoundé Central Prison, on the outskirts of Yaoundé, Cameroon, is on a chalkboard the … Continue reading