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Commentary: Let’s face facts about Zambian corruption

Juliet Mphande, a human rights, media and peace activist from Zambia, writes: ZAMBIA IN CRISIS On June 8, 2014, Zambian deputy minister of foreign affairs Gabriel Namulambe made a well-orchestrated media performance in response to visiting United States of America state department officials. The deputy foreign affairs minister, without delving into what was discussed in … Continue reading


Zambia’s growing intolerance towards LGBTI persons

From Zambian human rights activist Juliet Mphande: During recent weeks, we have received numerous reports of increased violations against sexually diverse and gender-variant persons, particularly gay men, in Zambia. Beating by anti-gay mob, including police On January 3, 2014, a self-identifying gay man was beaten up by a mob of people in Lusaka’s Garden compound. … Continue reading


Amid repression, Zambian First Lady opposes anti-LGBT bias

Dr. Christine Kaseba-Sata, the wife of Zambian President Michael Sata, has appealed for an end to discrimination against sexual minorities. There was no word about whether her words will have any immediate effect on Zambia’s ongoing wave of homophobic repression, which includes trials of four men in Kapiri Mposhi and in Lusaka who are accused … Continue reading

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43 anti-LGBT violations in Zambia; ‘accident waiting to happen’

In the midst of a crackdown on homosexuals, Zambia has been the scene of at least 43 LGBT-related violations of people’s rights in the past six months, according to a new report by the local LGBT activist organization Friends of Rainka. Even worse incidents could occur, the report suggests, because “the situation for LGBTI persons … Continue reading


Zambian gays face ‘unprecedented’ harassment

As the world focuses on the unjust incarceration of AIDS activist Paul Kasonkomona, grassroots human rights defenders in Zambia are seeing a frightening increase in violations of LGBT people’s rights, the human rights organization Friends of RAINKA says. Police are intimidating, harassing and persecuting LGBT people in Zambia to an unprecedented degree, fueled by a … Continue reading