Anti-gay Uganda today (4): Excluding gays from HIV care

This blog’s reports about Uganda on June 18: Anti-gay Uganda today (1): Activist due in court Anti-gay Uganda today (2): Warning about HIV bill Anti-gay Uganda today (3): A goof that won’t go away Anti-gay Uganda today (4): Excluding gays from HIV care   Uganda continues its campaign against the local LGBTI community: Denial of medical care to LGBTI … Continue reading


Researcher: In raid, Uganda police were clueless

Ugandan police who raided the U.S.-funded Makerere / Walter Reed health project on April 3 didn’t know enough to understand how researchers recruit and work with people involved in their research, says a research fellow at Makerere University. The police believed they were seeing men being “recruited into homosexuality” when they were actually seeing homosexual … Continue reading