Senegal: Justice Minister reverses course on gay rights

Pink News reports: Senegal’s New Justice Minister Sidiki Kaba has ruled out legalising homosexuality in the country despite previously being a gay rights supporter and activist. Kaba, who was previously the head of the International Federation for Human Rights, told reporters on Friday [Sept. 6]  that he had dropped his opposition to the persecution of … Continue reading


Africa: ‘Tolerance’ includes arrests, violence against LGBTs?

During President Obama’s visit to Senegal last week, that country’s president, Macky Sall, made the outrageous and unchallenged claim that Senegal is a “very tolerant country” in its treatment of LGBT people. Really?? “Tolerance” is an accurate description of Senegal’s attitude toward LGBT people only if you define “tolerance” as including “arrest, widespread discrimination, … … Continue reading


Senegal plea: Fight AIDS by changing homosexuality law

Senegal’s president, newly inaugurated on Monday, April 2, was greeted this week with a call from Human Rights Watch to repeal the country’s laws against homosexual behavior.  Criminalization of homosexuality hinders efforts to halt the spread of AIDS, the advocacy group said. In a letter, Human Rights Watch told President Macky Sall about human rights … Continue reading