Uganda: Challenging Lokodo’s threats and lies

Uganda’s homophobic ethics minister, Simon Lokodo, has threatened Nigerian gay-rights clergyman the Rev. Jide Macauley as part of a falsehood-filled interview with the gay-bashing Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper. Macauley quickly responded, calling Lokodo a menace who “should be called to order” and “an embarrassment to the body of Christ.” Lokodo, who is a former Catholic … Continue reading

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End anti-LGBTI religious bias, London Pride marchers say

The London Pride 2016 march was led by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Muslim; Matthew Barzun, U.S. ambassador to the U.K.; and other dignitaries and celebrities. A group of African gay people living in the United Kingdom marched in London Pride yesterday to call on people of religion to unite against persecution of gay people … Continue reading

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Praise from honored director: ‘She broke the anti-gay wall’

The movie “Magda’s Lesbian Lover” by Nigerian director Elizabeth Funke Obisanya won the prize for best short film at the Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts (BEFFTA) awards ceremony in London on Oct. 30. Obisanya praised BEFFTA founder Pauline Long for opening the awards to all. “She broke the anti-gay wall that was placed on … Continue reading

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Protests target anti-LGBTI laws in India, Nigeria

Anti-LGBTI laws in India and Nigeria were the focus of protests over the past week in the United States and the United Kingdom. INDIA Indian PM Modi Faces Protesters’ ‘Unwelcome’ to Silicon Valley (NBC News) Local activists say police estimate 3,000 people protested outside of San Jose’s SAP Center Sunday during Indian Prime Minister Narendra … Continue reading

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Advocates for LGBTI Africans on UK shortlist for award

The United Kingdom-based African LGBTI advocacy organization Out and Proud Diamond Group has been shortlisted for honors at the National Diversity Awards 2015. The awards, including the one for community organizations working on LGBTI issues, will be presented Sept. 18 at the Anglican cathedral in Liverpool. Out and Proud Diamond Group (OPDG)  was formed in … Continue reading

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Photos: Global protests of Nigeria’s anti-gay law

Scenes from today’s Global Day of Action protests against Nigeria’s new anti-gay law … WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. “We should also not forget our LGBT friends who are also suffering in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, The Gambia, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, and The Congo.” Jane Wothaya, Kenya, Human Rights Campaign, in front of Nigeria Embassy today. On … Continue reading


London pride urges LGBTI rights for Nigeria

Marchers in London’s pride parade on June 29 urged their homeland, Nigeria, to accept LGBTI people as equals, which includes rejection of the anti-gay law that has passed both the Nigerian House and Senate. This was the scene at the pride parade: Related articles Nigeria: Ban gays’ lawyers, convict same-sex roommates? ( Nigeria lawmakers OK 14-year … Continue reading