Anti-LGBT forces wield ‘traditional values’ as a weapon
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Anti-LGBT forces wield ‘traditional values’ as a weapon

The concept of “traditional values” has been weaponized for use against LGBT people. “Through a persistent rhetoric, powerfully promoted by Russia and its allies, LGBT people have come to embody all that is antithetical to so-called ‘traditional values,’ ” says Graeme Reid, director of the LGBT rights program at Human Rights Watch. Continue reading

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Violent homophobia plagues Russia and 5 neighbors

Homophobia, often violent, is a problem in Russia and five nearby countries that have enacted or considered imposing anti-“gay propaganda” laws. None of these countries has a specific law against same-sex intimacy, with the exception of the internationally unrecognized Moldovan break-away territory of Transnistria. But each of them has prohibited or considered imposing prohibitions on … Continue reading

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Proposals for new ‘gay propaganda’ laws; Europe worries

The European Parliament is keeping a worried eye on two Central Asian nations’ proposals to adopt Russian-style anti-“gay propaganda” laws. The Russian law, enacted in 2013, provides for fines of up to 200,000 rubles (about US $3,000) for “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” that appears where the message could reach minors, including online. The law … Continue reading

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3 nations crack down on same-sex couples

In Nigeria, police broke up an alleged same-sex wedding and arrested the participants. Under a 2013 law, same-sex marriages are illegal in Nigeria, not just unrecognized. In Lithuania, which is considering adopting a Russia-style ban on “gay propaganda,” the Interior Ministry refused to grant the husband of a Lithuanian man a temporary residency permit after … Continue reading

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Advocates for LGBTI Africans on UK shortlist for award

The United Kingdom-based African LGBTI advocacy organization Out and Proud Diamond Group has been shortlisted for honors at the National Diversity Awards 2015. The awards, including the one for community organizations working on LGBTI issues, will be presented Sept. 18 at the Anglican cathedral in Liverpool. Out and Proud Diamond Group (OPDG)  was formed in … Continue reading

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Recount: 75 (or 79) nations where homosexuality is illegal

The number of countries with anti-homosexuality laws is currently 75, according to the latest tally from ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. That’s down one from earlier this month, when the African nation of Chad was incorrectly included in the list. This blog now lists a total of 79, including four … Continue reading

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10 years later, tally of 92 anti-LGBT nations drops to 76

The arc of history is trending toward justice for LGBTI people worldwide, judging by the latest tallies from ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. In an encouraging change from 2006, when the ILGA report listed 92 countries with laws prohibiting sexual acts between consenting same-sex adults, ILGA in its 10th annual … Continue reading


Fairy tale banned by Lithuania ‘anti-propaganda’ law

The European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBT Rights issued this press release today: Fairy tale banned under Lithuanian ‘anti-propaganda’ law Wednesday, the Lithuanian Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics concluded that a book containing fairy tales for children violates the Law on the Protection of Minors against the Detrimental Effect of Public Information, and should … Continue reading