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Egypt, ‘one of the world’s biggest jailers of gay men’

Widespread official persecution of LGBTI people continues in Egypt, as described  in this excerpt from a Public Radio International article: In much of the Middle East, it’s getting more dangerous to be gay Just after it became known in June that the attacker of Orlando’s Pulse nightclub had pledged allegiance to ISIS, Egypt’s foreign ministry … Continue reading


Russia, India, Jamaica, Africa: Many attacks, some progress

News items in this recap mostly were excerpted with slight modifications from two published round-ups of the world’s LGBTI-related news– UNAIDS’s Equal Eyes and ILGA’s LGBulleTIn. Physical attacks and arrests Police arrested about 20 activists supporting the LGBTI community during the annual May Day parade in St. Petersburg, Russia. Two days before the march, Meduza … Continue reading

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LGBTI rights activism: Mostly hidden in Middle East, N. Africa

Public recognition of the human rights of LGBTI people remains rare in the many Middle Eastern and North African countries that still have laws against same-sex intimacy. In most of those countries, even advocacy of those rights is unusual. Such advocacy is mostly underground, online or abroad for Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Syria … Continue reading

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Focus on anti-LGBTI stance of Kuwait, Kiribati

During the past year, Kuwait and tiny Kiribati were urged to improve their treatment of LGBTI citizens. That advice came when each of those countries’ human rights records came in for review by other United Nations members. Such reviews focus on dozens of countries each year as part of the U.N.’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) … Continue reading

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Us vs. them (Egypt): Deport me!

Second of two articles about the challenge of breaking through emotional barriers that people erect between themselves and victims of persecution who act or look unlike them. This article, by activist/commentator Scott Long, focuses on the difficulty keeping relatively affluent Westerners’ interest in non-white victims of repression, particularly in news coverage of Egypt. The previous … Continue reading


Our world today: Jail for love notes, but death threats are OK?

“You can end up behind bars for sending a message of love, but the authorities look the other way when someone threatens to kill children.” Boris O. Dittrich, the advocacy director for the LGBT rights program at Human Rights Watch, makes that heart-wrenching observation in his commentary today, on the occasion of the International Day … Continue reading

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Kuwait: 215 arrested ‘for being gay’? Not quite

Kuwait’s latest 215 arrests The Atlantic Wire used the headline “Kuwaiti Police Sweep Cafes, Arrest 215 People for Being Gay” for its report: 215 gay men and lesbians were recently arrested in Kuwait after an intense investigation of “Internet cafes and suspicious places” across the country, The Kuwaiti Times reported early Tuesday morning. The newspaper, along … Continue reading