Despite acquittal, trial revealed deep Zambian injustices

The arrest, trial, year-long detention and recent acquittal of Philip Mubiana and James Mwape on homosexuality charges demonstrate much that’s wrong with Zambia’s legal, political and social life, along with a few strengths, lawyer Anneke Meekotter writes in the Southern Africa Litigation Centre blog. In the article, she discusses: Political statements “bordering on hate speech.” … Continue reading


Zambia frees 2 allegedly gay men after year in prison

Breaking news from Zambia: Zambia detainees Philip Mubiana and James Mwape were acquitted today of charges of violating the Zambian law against homosexual activity, human rights activists report. They had been in custody since May 5, 2013. They were arrested after family members reported them to police in response to a nationwide appeal to Zambian … Continue reading

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Zambia to West: Don’t watch when we jail LGBT people

Zambian officials took offense this week at the presence of diplomatic observers in a courtroom where two allegedly gay young men are on trial on charges of violating Zambia’s anti-homosexuality law. “US, German support for sodomy-accused disappoints State” stated the headline in the Zambian Daily Mail. “Zambia govt upset with USA, Germany envoys for supporting … Continue reading

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6 in court facing anti-gay charges in Zambia, Emirates

In recent days, anti-homosexuality laws have resulted in three court cases involving six defendants in two countries: Zambia: 11 months in prison with no conviction, no bail The trial of James Mwape and Philip Mubiana has been adjourned to April 4, Zambian activists report. The magistrate handling the matter was said to be attending a … Continue reading


10 months in Zambian prison on gay charges; no bail

Approaching 10 months in prison without bail on homosexuality charges, two young Zambian men learned today that their ordeal will continue. Magistrate John Mbuzi ruled that the prosecution’s recently completed case against them was strong enough that the case should not be dismissed. Their trial is expected to resume on March 13, when the defense … Continue reading


Zambia’s growing intolerance towards LGBTI persons

From Zambian human rights activist Juliet Mphande: During recent weeks, we have received numerous reports of increased violations against sexually diverse and gender-variant persons, particularly gay men, in Zambia. Beating by anti-gay mob, including police On January 3, 2014, a self-identifying gay man was beaten up by a mob of people in Lusaka’s Garden compound. … Continue reading


Zambia: Police raid suspected gays without warrants

Don’t forget Zambia’s oppressed LGBT community, who continue to endure  homophobic repression even as Uganda and Nigeria teeter on the verge of adopting their own new repressive laws targeting their LGBT citizens.  Zambia has been conducting a harsh anti-gay crackdown since last spring. Four people are facing prosecution for  homosexuality. A fifth is on trial … Continue reading