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Isn’t distributing expired HIV drugs a sin?

“Giving people expired anti-retroviral therapies (ARVs) is haram, forbidden, sin.” That’s what  Ugandan researcher/ activist Stella Nyanzi wrote on Facebook after she visited an HIV-positive friend. Use of expired medications is one of the many deficiencies of current efforts to control HIV/Aids in Uganda.  It’s a problem that affects many who are HIV-positive, whether they … Continue reading

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Artistic appeals for human rights of LGBTI Ugandans

Ugandan artist Vincent Kyabayinze uses his artwork to appeal for respect for the human rights of LGBTI Ugandans. As director of East African Visual Artists, an independent nonpartisan, human rights advocacy organization, he works to improve the visibility, dignity and rights of LGBTI, sex workers and people living with HIV and Aids. East African Visual … Continue reading

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African Anglicans: English protest vs. Ugandan rallies

Two opposing demonstrations last week focused on the Anglican Communion’s relationships to LGBTI people, presenting vastly different ideas about how that issue should be resolved. In England, dozens of protesters gathered at Canterbury Cathedral to urge homophobic churches within the Anglican Communion to stop persecuting LGBTI people. In Uganda, hundreds rallied to welcome the return … Continue reading


Queer Collective aims to make an impact in Uganda

Keith King, the founder and creative director of Uganda’s Queer Collective, tells about the new Kampala-based organization, which aims to provide a space where queer artists  in east Africa can come together and share their work locally, nationally, and internationally. The collective, launched in July, is currently fundraising for its first major project, called “I … Continue reading