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Toolkit for progress toward LGBT rights in 53 countries

The Commonwealth of 53 nations, formerly the British Commonwealth, can play a positive role in improving the lives of LGBT citizens even though dozens of those countries still have anti-LGBT laws inherited from their former colonial overlords. So say the LGBT rights advocates at London-based Kaleidoscope Trust, which this week published a “toolkit” of recommendations … Continue reading


Caribbean youths seek repeal of 6 nations’ anti-gay laws

Youthful leaders from Caribbean countries with anti-gay laws met last weekend in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, where they signed a declaration seeking greater social acceptance of LGBT people and the repeal of unfair laws against them. Youthful members of the LGBT communities heard first-hand descriptions of the discrimination that LGBT people face on a daily basis in  … Continue reading

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10 countries with anti-LGBT laws might face Google’s wrath

Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Russia. Those are some of the countries that might feel the greatest pressure from Google as the Internet search company pursues its new “Legalize Love” campaign. Google has offices in those countries, which are among the 76-plus nations with laws related to homosexual … Continue reading


Video: If the world were anti-tall instead of anti-gay

IF YOUR IDENTITY WERE ILLEGAL Kaleidoscope Trust has released a short video, “Illegal To Be You,” which gives a hint at what LGBT people go through in countries where homosexuality is illegal. To help others understand how that feels, the video imagines harassment and discrimination  directed at people who are tall, or bald, or blue-eyed, … Continue reading