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Archbishop to Mugabe: Anti-gay laws are wrong

Will the worldwide Anglican Communion stop supporting the homophobic Anglican Churches of Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, since those churches endorse their countries’ anti-gay laws? That’s what would happen if the world’s various Anglican churches — all of them originally descended from the Church of England — take Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, their spiritual leader, … Continue reading

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African Anglicans: English protest vs. Ugandan rallies

Two opposing demonstrations last week focused on the Anglican Communion’s relationships to LGBTI people, presenting vastly different ideas about how that issue should be resolved. In England, dozens of protesters gathered at Canterbury Cathedral to urge homophobic churches within the Anglican Communion to stop persecuting LGBTI people. In Uganda, hundreds rallied to welcome the return … Continue reading

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Anglicans discipline Episcopalians over same-sex marriage

Leaders of the Anglican Communion have voted to discipline The Episcopal Church of the United States for accepting marriage equality. The decision comes under pressure from anti-gay Anglican leaders of the churches in Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya. However, the anti-Episcopal decision apparently was not strong enough, or taken early enough, for Archbishop Stanley Ntagali from … Continue reading

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Canterbury rally to Anglican leaders: Listen to LGBTI people

African LGBTI activists, church members and their supporters are organizing a trip to Canterbury, England, tomorrow to deliver a message to Anglican Church leaders who are meeting there: Africans urge Anglican primates to listen to LGBTI people Date: Friday 15/01/2016 Time : 1pm-2:30pm Venue: Canterbury Cathedral Cathedral House 11 The Precincts Canterbury CT1 2EH United … Continue reading

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‘Barbaric’ Anglican schism would not threaten LGBTI progress

Observers and members of the worldwide Anglican Communion, comprising churches that trace their roots back to the Church of England, are watching to see whether the Communion, representing a total of 85 million Christians, will break apart this week over the issue of inclusion or exclusion of LGBTI people. At this week’s meeting of Anglican … Continue reading

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Church of England to blame for anti-gay Nigeria, Uganda?

The Rev. Richard Kirker protested today that an Erasing 76 Crimes blog post (“Anglicans’ LGBTI schism: Archbishop’s realism or bad idea?”) erred in listing the Church of England among the inclusive churches of the Anglican Communion. Further, he stated, the Church of England is partly to blame for “extreme forms of homophobia in … Uganda and … Continue reading

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Anglicans’ LGBTI schism: Archbishop’s realism or bad idea?

The 80-million-member Anglican Communion of churches that are descended from the Church of England has been divided for more than a decade into mutually hostile anti-gay and gay-friendly churches. Now, according to the communion’s spiritual leader, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, it’s time to put an end to the pretense that the rigidly anti-homosexuality Anglican … Continue reading

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Petition to archbishops: End anti-gay purge in Kenya

An online petition to two Anglican archbishops seeks an end to an anti-gay purge of allegedly homosexual priests in Kenya and an open invitation to LGBTI people to join the Anglican church. The petition, launched on by Anglo-Nigerian activist Davis Mac-Iyalla, is addressed to Eliud Wabukala, archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya, and … Continue reading

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Seethingly angry at anti-gay distortions of Christian teachings

The Rev. Colin Coward, MBE, director of Changing Attitude England, writes on Facebook: I feel incredibly angry today. I’ve been chatting for the last hour and a half with a gay Nigerian friend, a quiet, thoughtful, stable young man who allowed himself to trust a ‘friend’ who invited him to a café this morning. It … Continue reading