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GOP: 76 countries’ anti-gay laws are OK

The Republican Party wants the United States to stop pushing for repeal of 76 countries’ laws that make homosexuality a crime. In its newly unveiled 2012 party platform, the GOP criticizes the Obama administration for its warnings that U.S. foreign aid might be curtailed to countries that throw gays, lesbians, and bisexuals in jail for … Continue reading


Former colonies resent pro-LGBT bossiness by former rulers

Here’s an example of how sensitive many Africans are about any suggestion that their former colonial overlords are still trying to boss them around. That sensitivity has colored the response to American and British warnings that decisions about future foreign aid will be affected by countries’ treatment of LGBT people.  So when Joyce Banda, the … Continue reading


Malawi parliament won’t repeal anti-gay law quickly

Parliamentary leader Henry Phoya in Malawi says the parliament’s current session will not act on President Joyce Banda’s call to repeal the country’s law against homosexual activities, Malawi Today reported. Banda recently called for repeal of anti-homosexuality laws that have drawn criticism from the country’s foreign aid suppliers, which cut back on funding for Malawi … Continue reading