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U.S. to Malaysia: Anti-gay law’s political victim needs doctor

During his ongoing trip to the Far East, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to the Malaysian prime minister about the politically motivated sodomy conviction and imprisonment of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. The Washington Blade report (below) suggests that Kerry did not push hard for Anwar’s release, but only for him to receive needed medical … Continue reading


After gay marriage, what?

As the push for same-sex marriage heads toward a national resolution in the U.S. Supreme Court, the blog Troublesome Remedies examines the question of where the LGBT rights movement should turn next: Fight discrimination within the LGBTQ community, especially against transgender people? Fight for anti-discrimination laws? Attack poverty and homelessness, especially among LGBTQ youth? (“While … Continue reading

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9 moves to roll back Uganda’s anti-gay law

Supporters of LGBT rights are starting to respond to Uganda’s harsh new Anti-Homosexuality Law, which calls for up to seven years in prison for anyone convicted of “promoting homosexuality” and a life sentence for anyone who “touches another person with the intention of committing the act of homosexuality.” (For more info, see “Draconian details of … Continue reading

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Outside protests flop; Nigerians embrace anti-gay law

[Update: “March 7 protests to focus on Nigeria’s anti-gay law.”] International protests against Nigeria’s new anti-gay law have met with the type of rejections that by now are standard — that they are irrelevant because they come from outside Africa and/or from homosexuals. “Gays all over the world are mobilising for actions against Nigeria over … Continue reading

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Campus Crusade for Christ harms LGBTs in Ethiopia

In the wake of recent news that anti-gay Ethiopians are seeking passage of a death penalty of homosexuals, the LGBT rights group Truth Wins Out issued this statement about the role that Campus Crusade for Christ played in inciting anti-gay sentiment in Africa, especially Ethiopia: High-Ranking Campus Crusade Officials Led Conference Where Ethiopian Activist Declared … Continue reading


Un échec: Les actions étrangères contre la loi anti-gay du Nigéria

Publié le 17 janvier 2014 Manifestations étrangères râtent; le Nigéria embrasse la loi anti-gaie Les protestations internationales contre la nouvelle loi anti-gaie du Nigéria ont rencontré le type de rejets qui sont maintenant la norme — que ces protestations ne sont pas pertinent, car ils viennent de l’extérieur de l’Afrique et/ou des homosexuels. «Les gais … Continue reading