7 anti-LGBT purges: We can stop them?

7 anti-LGBT purges: We can stop them?

A common thread ties together the anti-LGBT crackdowns in Egypt, Tanzania, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Indonesia and the Russian republic of Chechnya — many of them look like “copy cats” of each other. Is public pressure the only hope for stopping them? Continue reading

Commentary: Indonesian police fuel anti-LGBT hysteria
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Commentary: Indonesian police fuel anti-LGBT hysteria

Indonesia’s national police force should immediately investigate recent raids by local law enforcement on gatherings of gay men, Human Rights Watch said [June 2] in a letter to national police chief Gen. Tito Karnavian. Indonesia’s police leadership should commit to ending the targeting of sexual minorities and uphold their obligation to protect everyone’s basic rights … Continue reading

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Conservative Indonesians vs. LGBTI rights

LGBTI Indonesians often are at odds with conservative Muslims in their quest for recognition of their human rights. Those confrontations pose particular difficulties, because Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population — more than 200 million, an estimated 95 percent of the total population. But many disputes beyond just faith-based ones are highlighted … Continue reading

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In Indonesia, ongoing threats to LGBTI human rights

The human rights of LGBTI Indonesians remain under threat from police, politicians and religious leaders, despite activists’ protests. Police in Jakarta disrupted a closed workshop on access to justice for members of the LGBTI community. Muhammad Nasir, Indonesia’s Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, said that LGBT students should be banned if they ‘engage in … Continue reading


Asia-Pacific: Inadequate funds for HIV help for gays

The Jakarta Post in Indonesia, reported yesterday on the recent report by the World Health Organisation that urges nations to put key populations at the heart of their HIV/AIDS response.  In the article, an activist comments there is inadequate financial resources allocated by most countries in the Asia-Pacific region. While this article does refer to MSM, it … Continue reading