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Egypt, ‘one of the world’s biggest jailers of gay men’

Widespread official persecution of LGBTI people continues in Egypt, as described  in this excerpt from a Public Radio International article: In much of the Middle East, it’s getting more dangerous to be gay Just after it became known in June that the attacker of Orlando’s Pulse nightclub had pledged allegiance to ISIS, Egypt’s foreign ministry … Continue reading

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Us vs. them (Egypt): Deport me!

Second of two articles about the challenge of breaking through emotional barriers that people erect between themselves and victims of persecution who act or look unlike them. This article, by activist/commentator Scott Long, focuses on the difficulty keeping relatively affluent Westerners’ interest in non-white victims of repression, particularly in news coverage of Egypt. The previous … Continue reading


Possible anti-trans move in Russia: Barring driver’s licenses

Russia may be preparing a crackdown on transsexual and transgender people by denying them driver’s licenses. Some human rights activists fear that’s the goal of newly adopted Russian rules about who can and cannot drive. In addition to targeting trans people, at least those who have been formally diagnosed as having “psychological disorders or behavioral … Continue reading


Quorum: Global LGBT Voices in New York

World’s Leading LGBT Activists To Speak In New York The Daily Beast, in collaboration with groups including, is to host “Quorum: Global LGBT Voices” at the New York Public Library, featuring talks and panels highlighting the struggles and triumphs of LGBT people worldwide News Release – Dec. 4, 2014/PRNewswire/ — The Daily Beast, in collaboration with … Continue reading

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Will Brunei’s horrid law unite LGBT and women’s activists?

The celebrity-boosted boycott of the Sultan of Brunei and his Beverly Hills Hotel could open the way for an important partnership of activists supporting women’s rights and those pushing for LGBT rights. So far, though, little progress has been made in that direction, although a mix of both types of advocates joined former talk show … Continue reading