Middle East / North Africa

In homophobic Iran, a policy that bans homophobia?

On the heels of a short-lived LGBT-friendly commentary on Iran’s popular Nameh News website, an Iranian government-supported website has published rules against its readers posting comments that are homophobic. It’s not clear how long the Press TV comment policy has been online. The policy states, “Do not post any content which could be construed as … Continue reading


Cameroon athlete suspended on rumors of homosexuality

By Erin Royal Brokovitch (Voir version en français) The author is an activist for LGBT rights in Cameroon who writes under a pseudonym. Thierry Essamba, an internationally competitive runner in the 110-meter hurdles, was suspended from the Cameroonian track squad on May 24 because of rumors about his alleged homosexuality. Essamba, 29, has competed in … Continue reading

Faith and religion

S. African gay couple’s plea: Put yourselves in our shoes

How happiness replaced violence and self-loathing South Africa still has problems with homophobia and anti-gay violence, despite the nation’s legal recognition of LGBT rights. But for many LGBT South Africans, life is good. In the following article, Michael Robin Wynne describes the challenges that many gay people face, as well as the normal life that … Continue reading

Americas / Faith and religion

LGBT rights video: U.S. fundamentalist vs. African mom

‘Faceoff’ The newly launched video “Faceoff over homosexuality” presents performances depicting the contrasting attitudes of a white American fundamentalist preacher and an African mother whose son is gay. The video, produced by the activist media organization Global Dialogues with support from Netherlands-based advocacy group Hivos, is aimed are promoting dialogue about issues of LGBT rights. It … Continue reading


Jamaica as a model for anti-AIDS, anti-homophobia action

One of several quick recaps of news related to this week’s International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C.: Lessons from “the most homophobic place on earth” Jamaican gay activist Maurice Tomlinson says his country is making progress in the fight against homophobia and could even serve as a model for activists seeking successful techniques for waging … Continue reading