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Nigeria: 12 arrests at party; police call it ‘gay wedding’

Sharia police in northern Nigeria have arrested 12 “feminine” young men in the middle of a party that police allege was actually a gathering to celebrate a gay wedding. It wasn’t a marriage ceremony, said 18- to 20-year-old Faruk Maiduguri, whom police accuse of planning to marry 25-year-old Abba Mohammed. ” ‘It was my birthday … Continue reading


Global conflict: Gay rights, repression in Africa

As pro-LGBT-rights protests and anti-LGBT initiatives continue in dozens of countries, here’s a sampling of the news and commentary about what’s going on. A quick recap of news from Africa is below.  Also see updates on the Caribbean, the furor over Russia’s anti-gay crackdown as the Sochi Olympics approaches and new pro- and anti-gay activism … Continue reading