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Tunisia orders 30-day suspension for pro-LGBT group

The LGBT rights group Shams was ordered by the Tunisian government today to suspend its activities for 30 days. Business News reported that: Hedi Sahli, vice president of Shams, said the reason given for this suspension was non-compliance with the principles of the rule of law. Shams was sanctioned on the basis of Article 45, … Continue reading

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Tunisia: Death threats against LGBT activists

The Huffington Post Mahgreb/Tunisia reports death threats against the vice-president and other members of the LGBT association Shams: Hedi Sahly, vice-president of “Shams” has left Tunisia due to death threats. (Interview) Hedi Sahly, vice-president of Shams, an association for the decriminalization of homosexuality, has left Tunisia following death threats. Since its creation and legal registration, … Continue reading