Attack on LGBT group in Zimbabwe; police to the rescue

A group of young men, apparently acting as a youth militia for an unidentified anti-gay organization, attacked the offices of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) today, threatened staff members with hammers, ransacked the offices and locked up the staff. In contrast to last year, when police raided the group’s offices and arrested GALZ members, … Continue reading


Zimbabwe activists reject call for anti-gay crackdown

Zimbabwean LGBT activists have slammed a Bulawayo-based anti-gay political organisation that is calling on the country to ban local groups that help LGBT people. The pressure group argues that LGBT advocacy organisations are un-African and in violation of the Zimbabwean constitution. The organization, based in Zimbabwe’s second-largest city, calls itself Africa Against Western Influence and … Continue reading


LGBT rights group cheers new Zimbabwe constitution

Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) says its members welcome the recent overwhelming vote in favor of the country’s new constitution, despite its provision banning same-sex marriage. With a new constitution, the country can move forward to new elections and to protection of the rights of all citizens, GALZ said. GALZ Director Chesterfield Samba urged … Continue reading

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Gay rights book ready for e-readers, in paperback too

The new book From Wrongs to Gay Rights is now available in electronic formats as well as in paperback. It presents in vividly human terms the toll of 76-plus countries’ anti-gay laws, depicted by authors published on this blog. The book is available from Amazon (at approximately these prices and only in English) in: The … Continue reading


LGBTs worry as Zimbabwe moves to restrict rights

The long-awaited Zimbabwean draft Constitution outlaws same-sex marriage, which has aroused concern in the community of Zimbabwean lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. In interviews, LGBTI people said they fear that such homophobic legislation would fuel hatred and violence against them. “I don’t have aspirations of getting married, but I fear that such laws … Continue reading