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Germany nixes Facebook’s dangerous ‘real names’ policy

Government regulators in Germany have ruled against Facebook’s policy of demanding that account holders use their real names — a policy that jeopardizes the lives of LGBTI people in homophobic countries. As The Guardian reported: “The Hamburg data protection authority said on Tuesday that the site could not force users to give official ID such … Continue reading

Middle East / North Africa

Tweeting today really can help LGBTI Egyptians

Activist/analyst Scott Long explains the importance of social media support for LGBTI Egyptians in a commentary published today on his A Paper Bird blog. Excerpts below: Tweet for Egypt on IDAHOT: Why it’s important It’s the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHOT, for short). Here’s one important thing you can do. Tweet, or post on … Continue reading

Middle East / North Africa

Egypt: new arrests; sentence reduced; German MP speaks out

Trans woman arrested. BuzzFeed reported that Cairo police arrested a 25-year old trans woman and her roommate on Sunday, December 28th.  As usual, local media is sensationalizing coverage with this case.  Police told local media that Malooka Aldlouah’s videos, posted on YouTube, were “hardcore” and advertised “sadistic sex.” However, her many videos posted to Facebook … Continue reading

Middle East / North Africa

al-Sisi’s Egypt: 26 arrests last night, totals now a record 109

This article was updated January 4, 2015. The total charged in this matter was 26 people. With the latest raids, Egypt now holds the dubious record for the country with the largest number of reported arrests for homosexuality in such a short time, in a single country in recent times. Several sources reported today that the Bab … Continue reading

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Facebook will have blood on its hands if it demands real names

COMMENTARY I don’t believe Facebook’s insistence that  it’s sticking with its supposed policy of requiring users to give their real names. In violently homophobic countries, such a policy would be devastating for LGBTI people, but it’s not actually in force there. Many LGBTI people can only use Facebook under assumed names, and that’s what they … Continue reading


Zimbabwe smear campaign targets alleged gay students

A group of students alleged to be homosexuals at Midlands State University (MSU) in Gweru, Zimbabwe, are living in fear following the publication of their names in an anti-homosexuality Facebook smear campaign . The students whose names have been exposed said they were worried that the reports would reach the school authorities, resulting in them … Continue reading

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Do you have advice for LGBT rights activists in Belize?

What strategy should an LGBT rights group pursue when homophobic religious leaders launch a counterattack? That’s what Caleb Orozco, executive president of the United Belize Advocacy Movement, wants to know. He is hoping that experienced LGBT activists and others around the world will make suggestions in the comments section below. Earlier this month, the country’s … Continue reading