Faith and religion

Campus Crusade for Christ harms LGBTs in Ethiopia

In the wake of recent news that anti-gay Ethiopians are seeking passage of a death penalty of homosexuals, the LGBT rights group Truth Wins Out issued this statement about the role that Campus Crusade for Christ played in inciting anti-gay sentiment in Africa, especially Ethiopia: High-Ranking Campus Crusade Officials Led Conference Where Ethiopian Activist Declared … Continue reading


Seeking help for LGBT Ethiopians, not the death penalty

The Ethiopian LGBT-rights group Rainbow Ethiopia today called for continued foreign aid to the country, but an end to international financial support of organizations that seek passage of the death penalty for sexual minorities in Ethiopia.  In recognition of  the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), the group issued this statement: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia … Continue reading


Ethiopia: Death penalty for gays soon?

Gay Star News reports: A death penalty against homosexuality may be introduced soon in Ethiopia, according to anti-gay organizations that ran a recent workshop on the topic. The workshop, dealt with the social ‘evils’ and ‘disastrous’ effects of homosexuality in Ethiopia, and was led by United for Life Ethiopia, a Western Evangelical organization with local … Continue reading


Ethiopia protest against human rights crackdown

Ethiopia is trying to silence human rights groups there, including LGBT rights supporters, says the gay rights group Rainbow-Ethiopia In Exile. The group states: The restrictive Charities and Societies Proclamation, adopted in 2009, continues to threaten/effectively silence Ethiopia’s LGBT and other human rights advocates and severely hamper basic human rights monitoring and reporting activities. Two … Continue reading


Who will replace Ethiopian Church’s anti-gay patriarch?

Activists in Ethiopia are hoping the country will become less hostile to LGBTI people after a replacement is chosen for Abune Paulos, the homophobic patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church who died last week at age 76. LGBTI advocates know, however, that an equally anti-gay religious leader might be installed in his place. Abune Paulos, … Continue reading


Ethiopia balks at Western pressure for LGBT rights

Add Ethiopia to the list of places that are crying foul at Western governments’ decision to consider a developing country’s anti-homosexuality laws before renewing foreign aid. Current law in Ethiopia provides for prison terms of 10 days to three years for homosexual activity. In 2008, religious leaders advocated adding a ban on gay activities to the … Continue reading