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Anglicans discipline Episcopalians over same-sex marriage

Leaders of the Anglican Communion have voted to discipline The Episcopal Church of the United States for accepting marriage equality. The decision comes under pressure from anti-gay Anglican leaders of the churches in Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya. However, the anti-Episcopal decision apparently was not strong enough, or taken early enough, for Archbishop Stanley Ntagali from … Continue reading

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Nigerian activists protest harmful, flawed N.Y. Times coverage

Nigerian LGBTI rights activists have challenged the accuracy of the Dec. 20 New York Times article titled “U.S. Support of Gay Rights in Africa May Have Done More Harm Than Good.” Complaints about the article have included: The unauthorized use of a photo of an activist (since removed), which put the person’s life at risk; … Continue reading

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U.S.-based church votes to support LGBTI Africans

A progressive U.S.-based church has voted to promote fair treatment for LGBTI people in Africa, especially in countries with strong anti-gay Anglican churches such as Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya. The LGBTI-friendly Episcopal Church, which approved same-sex wedding ceremonies earlier this week, passed a resolution today that instructed church officials to “work in partnership with African … Continue reading

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LGBTI news 3: Jamaica, Russia, Ukraine

News briefs about countries with anti-gay laws or considering anti-gay legislation, excerpted with slight modifications from UNAIDS’s Equal Eyes recap of the world’s LGBTI-related news. (This is the third of three posts. The first one reported news from Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Brunei. The second one reported news from Iran, Morocco, ISIS, Kenya, Gambia … Continue reading

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Anti-gay Ugandan archbishop to U.S. church: Get lost!

The progressive Episcopal Church is considering whether to adopt a plan “to build relationships with African Anglican scholars and activists who are working to advance generous understandings of the Bible” that affirm the dignity of LGBTI people. The conservative archbishop of Uganda wants none of it, calling the proposal “an extension of [The Episcopal Church]s … Continue reading

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Buoyed by Supreme Court, will U.S. church help LGBT Africans?

On the same day when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that all states must recognize same-sex marriages, the progressive U.S.-based Episcopal Church is considering whether to extend its work for justice to LGBT people in Africa. The church’s General Convention, now under way in Salt Lake City, Utah, will decide whether to authorize not only … Continue reading

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U.S. church plans support for LGBT-friendly Africans

A group of Christians in the United States is preparing to chart a new course in relations with their African counterparts. Rather than the type of conservative anti-gay evangelical preaching that in the past has encouraged so much repression and hatred for LGBT Africans, the generally progressive, LGBT-friendly Episcopal Church is moving toward fortifying a … Continue reading

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Anti-gay Anglicans blast archbishop for friendly chats in U.S.

The idea that anti-gay African Christians could be friends with gay-affirming church leaders in the United States is “offensive,” “unbiblical,” and “a tremendous obstacle,” according to hard-line anti-gay Anglican leaders in Africa. In a letter to Archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi of Burundi, five conservative Anglican leaders last month publicly criticized him for attending a meeting in … Continue reading

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Uganda’s anti-gay law divides U.S. churches

Journalist Jim Naughton from the gay-friendly Episcopal Church in the United States argues that the relatively small breakaway Anglican Church in North America is in a bind — seeking support from people who support the human rights of LGBT people, but unwilling to anger allies in the Church of Uganda by criticizing that country’s harsh … Continue reading