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African Anglicans: English protest vs. Ugandan rallies

Two opposing demonstrations last week focused on the Anglican Communion’s relationships to LGBTI people, presenting vastly different ideas about how that issue should be resolved. In England, dozens of protesters gathered at Canterbury Cathedral to urge homophobic churches within the Anglican Communion to stop persecuting LGBTI people. In Uganda, hundreds rallied to welcome the return … Continue reading

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Uganda: “Where Do We Go for Justice?”

A report on the criminal justice system was issued today by Chapter Four in Uganda. Titled: Uganda: “Where Do We Go for Justice?” The Abuse of the Rights of Sexual Minorities in Uganda’s Criminal Justice System.  “UGANDA’s criminal justice system should cease the practice of intrusive, non-consensual and dehumanizing anal/rectum examination of persons of different sexual … Continue reading


Uganda: Party-style Pride after victory in court

A hundred-plus people attended Uganda’s third annual Pride festivities, held yesterday on a beach in Entebbe. The mood was celebratory, because the Constitutional Court had just overturned Uganda’s harsh Anti-Homosexuality Act on Aug. 1. From Agence France-Presse: Dancing and waving rainbow-coloured flags, Ugandan activists held their first gay pride rally Saturday since the overturning of … Continue reading