Be brave, Anglicans; oppose Jamaica’s anti-gay law
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Be brave, Anglicans; oppose Jamaica’s anti-gay law

It’s high time for Anglican bishops, priests and lay people in Jamaica to pluck up enough courage and compassion to support the decriminalisation of gay Jamaicans, says the Rev. Colin Coward, founder of the Anglican LGBTI advocacy group Changing Attitude. After attending Montego Bay Pride in Jamaica last month, Coward reflected on the shared history … Continue reading

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Truth, homosexuality, Christianity: a talk with Stephen Lovatt

Merely putting the words homosexuality and Christianity together creates controversy. Many people claim that homosexuality equals filth, sin, immorality, and that one can never be a Christian homosexual. Clearly, certain texts in the Christian scriptures have over the years been used to condemn homosexuality and, with a large percentage of the world’s population being Christian, … Continue reading

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Anglicans discipline Episcopalians over same-sex marriage

Leaders of the Anglican Communion have voted to discipline The Episcopal Church of the United States for accepting marriage equality. The decision comes under pressure from anti-gay Anglican leaders of the churches in Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya. However, the anti-Episcopal decision apparently was not strong enough, or taken early enough, for Archbishop Stanley Ntagali from … Continue reading

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Seethingly angry at anti-gay distortions of Christian teachings

The Rev. Colin Coward, MBE, director of Changing Attitude England, writes on Facebook: I feel incredibly angry today. I’ve been chatting for the last hour and a half with a gay Nigerian friend, a quiet, thoughtful, stable young man who allowed himself to trust a ‘friend’ who invited him to a café this morning. It … Continue reading


New video of protest about 76+ countries’ anti-LGBT laws

A new video about last month’s B.Right.On Festival provides glimpses of the festival’s protest against the anti-homosexuality laws that are on the books in 76-plus countries. Organizer/poet/activist Vince Laws said an estimated 400 people attended the protest, with 100 to 140 of them standing under a “Banned” banner with their faces painted with the names … Continue reading