The first LGBTQI+ conference for French speakers
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The first LGBTQI+ conference for French speakers

LGBTQI+ activists in French-speaking countries (La Francophonie) must overcome many challenges that their counterparts in English-speaking countries do not face. Two representatives of the new French-speaking IGLF Coalition took part in August’s first-ever international French-language LGBTQI+ conference in Montreal. Here they discuss the importance of this gathering and the state of LGBTQI+ activism in La … Continue reading

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Global LGBTI activists will meet, seek support in Berlin

Twenty LGBTI activists from around the world are scheduled to gather in Berlin, Germany, next week to develop strategies and seek support from 100 mostly Western business leaders and from each other. The activists were selected to appear June 11 at the First Mile Conference, organized by Uhlala GmbH, a technology company that has sponsored … Continue reading

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Cameroon: Portrait of the activist as a young man, and now

“I knew that I wasn’t insane or possessed, but my family didn’t understand,” says Dominique Menoga, describing the awkward day when he came out to his family. Menoga, the former president of the LGBTI rights and anti-AIDS activist group CAMFAIDS (the Cameroonian Foundation for AIDS), recalls that the revelation made his family  tense and upset, … Continue reading


Cameroon: New leadership for activist group Camfaids

The Cameroonian activist organization Camfaids has a new leadership team that aims to expand its advocacy for LGBTI rights, strengthen its partnerships with local allies, and enlarge its work promoting the health of sexual minorities. Brice Evina was elected  the new president of Camfaids, replacing Camfaids co-founder Dominique Menoga, who sought and won asylum in … Continue reading


African LGBT activists praise, mourn Nelson Mandela

Memories, mourning and inspiration The death of South African liberator Nelson Mandela on Dec. 5  brought sadness and words of deep appreciation from African LGBT activists. “Nelson was a person who fought against discrimination in all its forms,” said Dominique Menoga, president of Camfaids (the Cameroonian Foundation for AIDS). Ugandan LGBT rights activist Kasha Jacqueline … Continue reading


Cameroon: LGBT activists in custody; harassment continues

Police in Cameroon have refused to release two LGBT activists whom they detained on Saturday, July 27, as potential witnesses in the so-far-unsuccessful investigation of the murder of activist journalist Eric Lembembe. Lembembe’s former colleagues reported that Michel Engama, finance officer of Lembembe’s activist organization, Camaids, was among those arrested. No charges were filed against … Continue reading